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One more breakfast with E. by Who-Is-Chill One more breakfast with E. :iconwho-is-chill:Who-Is-Chill 86 7
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Welcome to CandyLand !
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Snow White II. by tsouu Snow White II. :icontsouu:tsouu 39 16
Lithium Picnic Under Fire. Aid a fellow deviant.
The Story From the Official Site-Click Here
One of our deviants, and a great photographer that I admire is in some serious trouble.
If you're a fan of modern alternative or fetish photography, you probably know who Lithium Picnic is.
If not, please view his work here.
He is being attacked legally by the entity known as Suicide Girls. Before you start with the "I love Suicide Girls! I'll side with them any ol' day!", you should know that Lithium Picnic is responsible for most of what we recognize as the Suicide Girls style. He was a pivotal photographer for the site for quite a while, and has recently been accused of violating his contract by working with the site, which features ONLY the model Apnea. Philip "Picnic" and Apnea are very close and are great artists in their own personal rights.
The suit against them is not only ridiculous and hurting great membe
:iconharakesh:Harakesh 4 1
Weekend to End Breast Cancer

For the past 5 years our very own $Moonbeam13 has been involved in supporting and raising money for The Weekend To End Breast Cancer event in Toronto.

She has done this in a fairly quiet and discreet way so we felt it was time to shed a bit more light on what exactly she does for this great cause.

To give a bit of background, in the past 4 years this organization has raised over 60 million dollars in donations and through this has made some landmark strides in advancing the research on breast cancer, which claims the lives of close to 50,000 women a year and about a quarter million women diagnosed per year.

This money does ma
:iconlolly:lolly 3,329 2,455
Happy 7th Birthday deviantART
 Special Chatrooms







More Fun





Intro/Community Development
Welcome to the amazingly astonishing 7th year Birthday of the fantastically fabulous site known as deviantART! 7 years old on August 7th of 2007! How lucky is that.
We have dozens of events and contests all day long and the bulk of them themed around the number 7! Loads of prizes to win, tons of time to hop on dAmn and meet some new people as well!
So, read on and see what is going down this August 7th and say Happy Birthd
:iconlolly:lolly 2,463 5,000
DeviantArt's Walk of Fame
Welcome on the DeviantArt's Walk of Fame

Featuring the Stars of DeviantArt

my star by maroline:thumb27473908:Human Star. by blackflamingo24:thumb39475588:
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stina star by heartagram
Architecture / Street
Star by LadyBlues:thumb28677597:emperor's star by sleuropestar by pr0metheus85
Star's Soul by picciuStar by Natashalynn04Little Star by Redhotchillipepper
Star of David by djo-123Star Ferry. by snowmaskShining star in the sky by xemotearzx
Still Life
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:thumb31187248:starring by lorrainemdstar by sunshineleannDeath of a Star Fish by Pete-B
Urban star by capers:thumb23356734:Star Catcher by epiphany:thumb15597927:
Star by Aloza:thumb44376733:Ambitions by EvilxElfs. by ElectronCloud
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A Community Development Update
Where have you been?
It has been a while since I have released a proper Community Development Update, and that is due to a lot of different reasons. The primary one involves lots and lots of work behind the scenes! So read on to get a heaping helping of all things DA!
deviantART…what is it and where is it going?
So, here we all are, on deviantART, submitting work, commenting, making friends, browsing art, and so on. But where are we?
Personally, I feel we are virtual pioneers  at the forefront of something amazing.
I feel that we are just now starting to see what a community like this is capable of doing. A community that has grown on word of mouth in a natural organic way. With no fistfuls of money thrown at it to promote it. No fancy commercials. A community that envelops artistic styles from across the spectrum and deviants from every single inch of the planet.
A community that is without a doubt the sum of its parts. I think d
:iconlolly:lolly 787 1,501
it was before by peinturlureuse it was before :iconpeinturlureuse:peinturlureuse 92 89
DeviantArt turns out to be an artsite!
So if you are not an artist, kindly leave.
If you like art, if you are interested in what other people make, fine. If you are a beginning artist, who wants to create and learn how to express and communicate and feel through the medium of your choice, this is the right place. We are all here to learn and we all started out staggering, falling and nobody made a masterpiece first time trying.
But if you are here because your friends are here, because you feel that having an account on this site makes you cool and coolness is all you really care about, don't bother. Most people will hate you, ignore you, or on a bad day, yell at you.
And if your idea of art is pressing 'print screen' while playing your over-merchandised computergame, or applying a photoshop-filter to your webcam photo, don't bother. We; which means I and the other people reacting in a positive way to this article, do not want you here at all. If we could, we would personally delete your account. And preferably disable your
:icontalescaper:Talescaper 392 267
A word on miscats.
Pronunciation:  miss-kat
Function:  noun
Etymology:  short for miscategorized
1.  DeviantArt-speak for an image that is posted in the wrong gallery.
2.  Any image that has been submitted improperly causing it to be out of place.
"What's the buzz about miscats, why do people make such a bid deal about them?"  It's a common enough question, what compels people to focus on them so much?  Hopefully I will help give some answers to this situation and provide some information to make people think about why miscats are such an important thing here at DeviantArt.
First off, as the definition above states, any image that isn't in the proper gallery is considered a miscat.  It happens to every gallery, art that isn't like the others.  Some really stand out and others are not so bold in their misplacement.  Regardless of how misplaced, it's a situation that can be improved.  Here's
:iconaeires:Aeires 851 2,222
Alaana by lutwidge Alaana :iconlutwidge:lutwidge 14 7
International Women's Week Interview with chix0r
It seemed only right to turn the tables on our International Women's Week Interviewer and as such I took it upon myself to interview fourteenthstar
Can you tell me a bit about how you became involved in Photomanipulation?
I think my love of photomanipulation can be traced back to me as a young child, doodling on the faces of people (usually politicians!) in newspapers and turning them into demons and all sorts of monsters.
Even today I still do that - and being able to use stock photography and turn it into something new is even more fun!
I wasn't sure exactly where to begin to do this digitally, so after failing to understand photoshop for a few months, I finally bought a copy of a photoshop magazine, complete with tutorials and resources, and became addicted overnight.

What do you think are the biggest issues for woman today?
Despite the whole 'girl power' movement - I still think that we are way behind in terms of equality. Infact, I think s
:iconmoonbeam13:Moonbeam13 43 22
Terms of Service Misinterpretation
Currently the fuss over the Terms of Service is Clause 16 and the only reason that this clause is causing a problem is because the people concerned with it stop reading there or read it in isolation without looking at all parts of the Terms.
But first things first- here's clause 16;
Clause 16
16. Copyright in Your Content
deviantART does not claim ownership rights in Your Content. For the sole purpose of enabling us to make your Content available through the Service, you grant to deviantART a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to reproduce, distribute, re-format, store, prepare derivative works based on, and publicly display and perform Your Content. Please note that when you upload Content, you allow third parties to copy, distribute and display your Content.

Now the concern is over that last bolded line. That line is there to make certain that people are aware that others may download, view, d
:iconrealitysquared:realitysquared 572 1,424
cutie by DameNiSuru cutie :icondamenisuru:DameNiSuru 9 22
Baaad Mistake V5
So far we have had a request for friends, requests for work, selfpimpage and other annoying random news articles.
I would like to make my own annoying random news article now.
And in my annoying random news article, I would like to point out a little button situated next to the 'Today' button. It's called the 'FORUM' button.
All the articles mentioned at the start of this one belong in a FORUM not in the NEWS.
The forum is a place to discuss matters with others, the News should be more for informing others.
While we are on the topic, I'm going to direct you to another whacky part of the dAsphere; the JOURNAL.
your journal is the place where you can write whatever you like, you can complain, ask, inform, do whatever you like in there. Just please, don't keep forcing it into our inboxes by writing it in a News article.
While I think it's great that us humble members and subscribers can now post news articles, there very much need to be stricter guidelines on what CAN and CANNOT be posted
:iconechoes-of-the-dead:Echoes-of-the-Dead 114 332
Hi, I'm Chill…

  • Listening to: Pink Floyd, PJ Harvey & Nine Inch Nails
  • Watching: Girls in the streets
  • Drinking: The best coffee of my life


Artist | Professional | Photography
Attracted by candid & intimate situations, spontaneous & natural moments.
Feel free to contact me for public or private photographic projects, for model inquiries, for prints or other requests…

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Vraiment du travail que j'paprécie énormément !

Etant profond admirateur du corps féminin, je suis très touché et je ressens beaucoup d'émotion et de douceur dans tous vos clichés

j'aimerais arriver à un travail comme le votre !

surtout ne vou sarrêtez pas !
Who-Is-Chill Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2016  Professional Photographer
Merci beaucoup, c'est super sympa :]
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Happy Birthday
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